Addressing our pressing challenges related to improving quality of life encompasses the interaction of three heterogeneous dimensions: (1) the technlogical dimension that includes technologies to solve complex problems, (2) the social dimension that addresses the societal impact of these technologies and the implications to human behavior, and (3) the institutional dimension that includes the behavior of organized units such as administrators that govern these technologies through policies. The constellation of these dimensions constitutes a sociotechnical system that should be analyzed holistically.

Technological Dimension

In the technological dimension, SSC focuses on developing rigorous engineering approaches that provide solutions to complex problems leading to frontier technologies.

Social Dimension

In the social dimension, SSC studies the societal impact of the technologies and the implications to human behavior.

Institutional Dimension

In the institutional dimension, SSC creates and uses interdisciplinary, nonpartisan research, and empirically-based analysis to inform effective decision-making and policy and to improve leadership and administration.


Energy-Efficient Mobility Systems


Human-Machine Interaction


Autonomous Systems

Social Networks

Connected Communities

Governing and Administration

Smart Cities

Man reading tablet in self-driving vehicle

Connected & Automated Vehicles

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Materials